Links (in no particular order, deriving from any area of my personal and professional interests)

CNR-IRCrES (My present research affiliation)

CNR, National research council of Italy (The National Research Council of Italy, obviously)

Università degli Studi di Torino (My alma mater studiorum)

Department of Chemistry of the University of Torino (My former main affiliation)

NIS-Centre of Excellence (Another of my former affiliations)

CUS Torino Arrampicata (Centro Universitario Sportivo Torino: Sezione arrampicata sportiva)

Centro arrampicata Torino (The sport climbing society based at Turin's main climbing gym)

SASP - Società Arrampicata Sportiva Palavela (Another Turin-based Sport Climbing Association & indoor climbing gym)

bSide, Sport climbing association & indoor climbing gym (Another Turin-based Sport Climbing Association & indoor climbing gym)

Scuola di Alpinismo e Arrampicata "A. Grosso", CAI UGET Torino (Climbing & mountaneering School I attend)

CAI UGET Torino (The Italin Alpine Club branch I now belong to)

Club Alpino Italiano - Sezione di Saluzzo (The Italin Alpine Club branch I did belong to)

Wild Climb (Climbing shoes for the connoisseur)

Gulliver(Gulliver: mountain stuff database + other amenities)

Forum Planetmountain (A relevant community of mountain, climbing and bullshit addicts)

UK Climbing (Not to climb UK, but to climb in UK)

Rock Climbing (Rather self-explicative website)

Mountain Project (Ditto)

Non di sola coca: quando impegnarsi serve (Prehistorical web: these are the first web pages I ever programmed, back in 1996)

Nimbus, SocietÓ Meteorologica Italiana (Piedmont's weather forecast)

Nimbus, SocietÓ Meteorologica Italiana (Webcam at Moncalieri Real Collegio)

ARPA Piemonte (Bollettino meteo testuale ARPA Piemonte)

Meteo Aeronautica Militare (Italian Meteo Service)

My Facebook profile (FYI)